Technical Information

This section provides relevant information about PersonAAL Platform for developers and End-users

PersonAAL Component Links Description

Web Application:

The AAL Personalization Rules Editor provides users with the possibility to edit, save, share, simulate and execute personalization rules structured in terms of trigger and actions.



The The Persuasion Module is a service that generates persuasive messages for the users of PersonAAL. This involves:

  • Retrieving data from the Context Manager and other PersonAAL services.
  • Assessing which rules are triggered with retrieved data.
  • Creating persuasive messages from the triggered rules.
  • Sending the messages to the Adaptation Engine.

Web Application:


User Manual:

The Remote Assistant Application allow to:
  • Get up to date environmental parameters.
  • Set your exercise and walk goals.
  • Plan your daily activities.
  • Monitor your physiological parameters.
  • Get in touch with your friends.
  • Control the lights in your home.
  • Define personalized reminders.

Web Application:

The Medication Planner allows the user to:

  • Create a userprofile
  • Add medication plan with notification times
  • Receive push notifications in App
  • Register taking medications
  • Take personal notes related to medication

Web Application:

The Activity Tracker application allows the user to:

  • Create a userprofile
  • Create an activity plan with notification times
  • Select predefined strength training programs to add to activity.
  • Receive push notifications in App
  • Register completed activities with duration
  • Take notes for activities
  • Visual overview of completed duration of activities compared to Health recommendations.
  • Connect a fitbit account to the userprofile
  • View fitbit activitydata (steps, stairs)
  • Share fitbit data with PersonAAL platform

Context Delegate Application:

Quick start guide:

Context Delegate’s Instructions:

The Chestband’s Context Delegate Application allows to:
  • Connect and extract values from the Chestband device.
  • Send the collected data to the ContextManager.
  • Visualize the extracted values in real time.